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Medier offers complete services that cover all brand marketing aspects, from strategy and planning to user acquisition and retainment mechanics. Whether you’re looking to boost traffic, climb the search engine ranks, or make a splash online, we’ve got you covered. 

Strategy and Planning
Use insights, trend analyses, and innovative solutions tailored to your business' growth. We merge data-driven intelligence with creativity, laying down a clear roadmap for your brand's journey toward market leadership. Design a future where your vision meets tangible success.
Build strong relationships with customers through a data-driven approach. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your processes, ensuring efficient customer management, increased loyalty and sales potential.
Analyzing and Reporting 
Get a comprehensive picture of your marketing interactions and ROI with our services based on Google Analytics and the latest BI tools. Discover detailed insights, estimate your brand strategy, and find the best growth approach. 
Expand your user base, enhance brand awareness, and boost conversions with expert SEO optimization and trustworthy search engine promotion strategies. Launch promo campaigns suitable for your brand strategy, budget, and audience needs.
Find new users through A/B Testing of traffic sources, audiences, channels, creatives, and more. Manage churn audience and return users on your website even if they have only visited pages without registering and depositing.
Run unique ads and create engaging content delivering your brand’s values and story to boost brand awareness and engagement. Prepare brand accounts for regulated markets, such as Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, and Ontario — according to strict rules and requirements.
Be sure you are advertising on Google to the right people at the right time and being in the top five results. Get efficient ads that match keywords applicable to your service or product. Reduce CPA with optimization strategy and in-depth reporting.
Use the most popular video hosting and second-largest social media platform as a highly efficient traffic source. A daily active audience reached 122 Million in 2022, and it still growing. Use various ad formats to reach your customers with no effort.
Place your banners, videos, images, and other web formats on publishers' websites that your target customers will most likely visit. Increase brand awareness, user acquisition, and retargeting and decrease campaign costs. 

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